Southeast Asian Font Workshop 2019

Come and learn what to do and how, what not to do and even how what not to do, plus all the rest with our little team of font fanatics. This year, we’ll be covering Khmer and Javanese with all the resources you need to get started on these scripts. Running Monday 7th to Thursday 10th October at the TCDC Chiang Mai, the workshop takes place the same week as the BITS conference, so participants can combine both in a single trip. Continue reading


Parallel thinking, parallel histories

Designing type is an exercise in parallel thinking. On one level, it’s about coming up with interesting ways to inject each letter with some visual interest and simultaneously respond to the brief chosen. But on another level, it’s about ‘designing the design’, as we’ve seen before. What is it about the letters that hangs them all together? How can a set of ideas be applied consistently and logically so that it can be called a design rather than just a set of shapes? The answer to that is one reason why to me, designing a text face is so sublime: it’s necessarily about eliminating everything that doesn’t gel with everything else, refining and reducing the idea behind it to its clearest, most elegant expression. Continue reading